Before You Buy A Boat Name

Things to think about before naming your boat

Having a good boat name on your craft says a lot about a person. When determining what your boat name is going to be, keep in mind that people in general will judge you by the name before they meet you. You want a name that is fun, sharp and entertaining!

Boat Dreaming

What to Name my Boat?

Yet you want to make the impression of what you and your boat are about. Sometimes it is all about fishing. Others just love to go island and bar hopping. And then there are those that just want to travel the seven seas. I have personally seen people name their

What to name my boat?

What to name my boat?

boat and had boat name remorse. So it is very important to have a good boat name designer show you what the name will look like on your boat before you buy!

Fear not if your boat name has already been used for the Boat Name Guy can design it like it was the first time it was used. Boat owners think more about naming their boat than some do naming their own child. Just know that their own child does not have their name stamped on their butts!  So when the Boat Name Guy designs your name, he will design it completely unique and personalized regardless of the name or how many times it has been used.amber-marie

Also consider a boat name that will be understandable when you do your first radio test. Another reason why we call are boats names is because we are identified that way when we are out to sea. If you do take your boat far out to sea, just remember if you do come in to trouble and need to call Sea Tow or the Coast Guard. You’re going to have to say the name of your boat so they can identify you easier.

The placement of your boat name are usually at the bow of the boat in two places or one name on the transom or stern. Most of the boats made today do not have enough room on the back transom or the transom is hidden by an outboard engine. The boat Name Guy can also help you brand your boat storage units on dry docks and other accessories like Towels, ID Cards, bells and life rings.

Checklist before naming your boat is below to help guide you before you call the Boat Name Guy.

  • Consider the audience you and your boat will be in front of. Also remember a VHF radio call tag is used when you may need it in the future.
  • Try to make it all about you your family and the theme that will be happening when you are out on your boat.
  • Have your designer make sure it is readable from a distance incorporating the right graphics.

If you are looking to go all out, the Boat Name Guy can also help you design and install, boat wraps, engraving, metal fabrication, acrylic composite, LED lighting and a variety of other branded items.

Contact the boat Name Guy for a free consultation. He will come out to your boat and brainstorm some ideas with you. Will take precise measurements and photographs to help with the proofing process. He will continue the momentum till your boat name is installed.

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