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Boat Name Graphic Lettering Design of Steel’n Time with the removal of Piper Belle

Before a new boat name is designed, printed and installed it is most important to make sure the new name will fit just right in the same area where the old name was.

Also before removing the old boat name I made sure of my measurements of where Piper Belle exactly laid. I also took note of colors and took many pictures before removing the old name.Piper Belle

With some heat of a heat gun and peeling with a razor and my nails, the boat name slowly came off. I removed the rest of the adhesive with acetone and some old white rags. I then buffed the area with a little bit of compound wax and water. Then a final washed with soap and water.

Mean while I sent proofs to the customer after they filled out the boat name form. When I receive the form I have a better understanding of what the customers wanted. I follow up with a proof of there boat with the new name laid on top of the old name to show the difference of what they had verses what they will get.

It didn’t take the boat owners long to make a decision on what font they loved. 

I sent the first proof with many font options. They also knew that they had the option to go to to see if there were any other fonts that I might of missed.

I then added a silver drop shadow to the name to make it pop off the back of the boat.

There was a small issue that I had to work out with the back of the boat. If you look real close you will see a 2″ round door stopper that I had to figure out in the equation to make sure none of the lettering would be in its way. Thus you will see that I placed the “n” in Steel’n Time exactly over the stopper. So the lettering would not be destorted from a distance.

Final Proof

After the final proof is approved I go to printing production. The silver and Marine Blue were printed separate and the placed together to make one complete graphic. I then place te graphics centered on the boat before I apply them. Constantly checking my measurements to make sure everything is centered and has flow over any contours in the boat or door latches and gaps.

Boat Name Installed in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Everything is perfect! Straight and perfectly placed around the obstacles that were on the back transom. The final boat name product is complete and looks fantastic.

Boat Name Steel’n Time is complete

Boat Name in Clearwater Beach, Florida

The name is complete and looks exactly how the Boat Name Guy showed it in his proofs.

The customers are ecstatic and very happy of the end boat name product.

Boat Name removal and replacement is very common for new boat owners. Doug the Boat Name Guy offers very reasonable prices for the designing, printing and removal and install of all boat names in the Tampa, Pinellas County area.

Call  Doug the Boat Name Guy today for your new boat name at 727-742-6162 or fill out the easy Boat Name Form for your no hassle boat name estimate and proof!

Re-Doing A Boat Name from Krissy to Pair O’ Docs

There is always that feeling when re-doing a boat name. Will the boat forgive me that I changed its name? Maybe spiritually the boat likes its name. It has gone this far with no problems. Then there is that fear that it is bad luck to change a name.

Well I have a few ways to get around these little traditional problems!

  1. Put the old name underneath the boat. Keep the name but don’t tell anyone! Have the old name reprinted in a smaller font and placed under the boats bow.
  2. Have your boat baptized as a re-born vessel. The boat will feel like it has a new start in life. Don’t forget to completely sage your boat. To learn more about using sage contact a Celestial Circle Metaphysical Store.
  3. Doing a renaming ceremony might be for you if your really religious. Inviting your friends and family to participate in a spiritual ceremony with a priest and a nun might be what you need to get through these changing times. Your family may think you just found a premature reason to drink before getting the boat in the water. But also calling so many people to your boat and pointing out the issue with your new boat seems to be just as unlucky to already have such a problem.

Removing Boat Name Krissy

What happens when you are removing a name that has been on a boat for 8 to ten years is that it preserves what is behind the lettering. The graphics stop the UV lighting and weathering effects. It preserves that new boat shine and stops the aging process in its tracks. 


I slowly removed the name with Windex, a painter’s scraper razor and a heat gun. This process needs to be done with caution!  When using a heat gun you risk burning and cracking the gel coat. Just adding a little bit of heat at a time right before the vinyl begins to melt.

After removing as much of the vinyl as you can use a moderate amount of Windex. Then use the razor blade scrapper on a 40 degree angle or less to prevent digging into the gel coat.

Next use liberal amounts of acetone on a rag to remove the adhesive. Keep turning the rag over to a new area to prevent rubbing the glue back on to the boat. Here is where you are going to use the most elbow grease.  It may be necessary for you to continue using the paint scrapper to remove the entire amount of adhesive. You don’t want to use a buffer until you remove it all! When complete it is possible that you will see the ghost of the name still. This is where you may want to use water and a very fine grit sand paper. Only rubbing the areas where the graphics were.

It may also be necessary to apply several coats of a compound wax cleaner to remove all of the ghosting. Sometimes you will still be left with the ghosting when you look at it in a certain angle. It really depends how long the name was there. With this project it was estimated that the name was on the boat when it was purchased new in 2003. That makes the name 13 yrs old. That is a long time especially in warmer climates areas.

After many proofs and making sure what the customer was looking for I immediately went to print. Pair O’ Docs is a two color, black lettering with a gold metallic. Both colors were printed separate and then placed on the boat together.

After the name was installed additional coats of wax were applied.

Pair O' Docs


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