Six Things to Think About When Getting A Boat Name

  1. The Boat Name Idea: Choosing the right name for you and your boat may be one of the hardest tasks to get completed. Also, another thing to think about is the size you must work with. If you have the whole side of a boat to work with the a three or four lettered name should be no problem. But when working on some transoms you may only have 24 inches to 36 inches in height to work with and sometimes height can be a factor. The best way to think up of a name for your boat is to use a thesaurus website or book and type in words that you love in your life besides your boat. You will be amazed of the unique possible boat names that will come up. Before you know it you will come up with a new and exciting name for your boat. Also let me add that there is nothing wrong with using a boat name that has already been used. Or even if it’s the same name you want that is in the next slip in the Mariana that you store your boat. To see all the names the Boat Name Guy has produced see this new website: What to name my boat?
  2. Designing Your Boat Name: Once you have your boat name picked out the fun part comes! Picking out the right lettering and logo with graphics is crucial for the perfect look for your vessel. Once you have the name picked out the theme of your name should look and feel like it’s part of your boat and family’s lifestyle. Sometimes it can be as easy as picking out a font that says it all or you could continue the design process by adding color and shadows with 3D effects and adding clip art graphics like anchors, compasses, fishing poles, fish flags ect… This can really help explain what the boat name is all about as pictures can say a thousand words.
  3. Proofs and Mock-ups of your New Boat Name: It is very important to receive a proof of what will be done before printing. A good boat Name Designer can show you what a boat name will look like before you command them to go to print. A good boat name designer will show your name photo-shopped on to your boat as if it was already done. This will give you a better idea how the finished product will look like.
  4. The Printing of your Boat Name: After your boat name has been designed by you or your boat name designer that is helping you with the design process…. It’s time to go to print! The designer usually must make sure the artwork is printer friendly. This means that the artwork needs to be turned into vectored lines and converted into an Eps. File. Most boat names now a days are produced with vinyl. There are thousands of colors and shades to work with. Each color get cut out by the plotter printer separately and then placed together with transfer tape. Guidelines and center lines are placed to help the installer work with the graphic a foresee that they will go on the boat straight and not crooked! There are two other techniques to placing a name on your boat and that is full color printing with a 3M wrap material. You might see a lot of this on advertisements on commercial vehicles on the road. You can go here to learn more about the pros and cons of printing on vinyl or using vinyl spot colors. The third way is to have a painter or airbrush artist paint right on to your boat. This process is very unforgiving to the gel coat of your boat and may be a bigger headache if you ever wanted to remove it or in case the name gets scratched.
  5. Installing Your Boat Name: This process may be a little harder to do. Let me say this first that to save you a lot of time and energy it is best to have a professional boat name installer help you. There are a lot of factors to think about and tools needed for a successful install so that it is straight and centered. You can learn how to do it yourself by reading these boat name installation directions. If you like you can print out a pdf printable copy here. You can also go watch some How to apply a boat name video here. You should also receive a hard copy of the instructions when you receive your boat name in the mail. There is nothing worst than having a crooked boat name that everyone will notice and tell you about it… Install
  6. Removal of your Old Boat Name: This process may be out of some people’s league when removing the old graphics and adhesive from the boat. Depending how big the boat name is and how long it has been on there. There are some tools of the trade that a boat detailer uses to remove stubborn graphics that are cooked on to the gel coat. Some of the materials you will need are a heat gun, buffer and compound, goof off, acetone, brush, rags, wax, oxidation remover and water. Even after an expert removal there still may be a UV Yellowing stain from the sun. Also a discoloration as the old boat name graphics actually preserved the gel coat under the graphics.

The Boat Name Guy can help you with all six services in one captain’s package deal.

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