The Boat Name Guy fabricates more than just Boat Names!

The created inventory below has all been created custom made by the Boat Name Guy.

Brand New USA Custom Made

Tiki-Bar Signs
Great decoration piece at your Tiki Bar or Pool Deck!
A great way to make a theme of any bar,
restaurant or home made Tiki bars.

Dimensions & Specifications
Standard Sizes 18 inches X 12 inches
& 6 inches x 18 inches
Aluminum (will not rust)
Strong 0.40 Gauge
Rounded corners
Baked Enamel Gloss White, both sides
8 Year Vinyl

Will last in a Category 5 hurricane!

Knock on Dock!

EVACUATION ROUTE street sign“!
18 inches X 12 inches
Hurricane-Tiki-BarThis sign drove people nuts in the past years in Florida, because of all the hurricanes we got! I had many requests to make these for my customers. It brings back memories…

WHICH WAY (left, right, up or down)



Arrow Direction?

The A1A Tiki Bar sign

Some say its a Jimmy Buffet Sign, because he 
sings it in some of his lyrics & If anyone has driven
down to Ket West before you know that it’s a great
road to be on!

This sign also makes a great decoration piece for
Your Tiki Bar or Swimming Pool!





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