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Boat Lettering Fonts Should Relate to Your Boat Name Theme

What Font to use makes or breaks the Boat Name!

It all depends on what your boat name is. If your boat name is “Wet Wind”, you probably don’t want to see the name in a block letter. But it sure would look good if the word wind was in a whispering font and the Wet word looked like the word was wet in the wind. That is why boat lettering fonts should relate to your boat name theme


So before I start proofing a boat name, I first go through some fonts that look good. I pick fonts that either looks wet or windy. Latter on I can make changes to each letter if need be. I throw in a couple of plain ones just to help with the visual of the name. Sometimes names get to fancy or are flooded with graphics and the name is hard to see from a distant. Or even as far as the dock.

I did a simple search in google and came across a font website that had the look I was thinking of. The font is called wet dream. With some changes to the font I made it look the way I wanted it. Also notice the opening in the “e”.

Wet Wind

So this would be the first proof I would send a customer that picked this name. It is sometimes overwhelming to see so many fonts and graphics. You may sometimes feel like you want to see it all. Maybe in the near future we will have motion graphics.

Another boat owner wanted to have the name Aqua Marie. The theme of this particular boat had to be about the owner’s daughter and a Disney character.








Every boat name that has been thought of usually comes with the work of picking the right boat lettering. Sometimes a font will scream your boat name and then you just know they were meant to be together. Out of a lineup of ten fonts the boat owner knew that font #1 was the right feel for his marine identity.


Picking the right boat lettering fonts for your boat is crucial. Some believe of just having their name in just a basic traditional font. Then later decide that there boat name had no spark.

When you have a graphic artist create your name it is important to explain exactly what you are looking for. The boat name guys form is a great place to start. Then leave the rest to a creative artist to do the rest.

There are some boat owners that make the mistake of ordering from those websites that the customer designs themselves. But always comes up short with a lack of options to change anything. You are basically stuck using only a few font selections and minimum of graphics. So if you need some boat lettering done to your boat be sure to have the Boat Name Guy help you!

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