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Full Color Boat Name Design, Printing and Install in the Tampabay Clearwater area

Some boat name lettering and graphics are requested to be in a full color. In other words you can see the fade of each color compared to just solid spot colors. It can be considered that three to four colors on a boat name logo could be declared as a full color if that’s all the color that is needed in your logo.

A four colored boat name like Sandy’s beach above was plotted out in separate colors. Then each color is installed on the boat separately until the boat name logo is achieved.

The technology for printing boat names has come a long way and today we are able to make full Color Prints last for years. The process is still done on vinyl. Large format printing machines can print on a white 3M vinyl. After printing the graphics, another large laminating machine laminates on top of it to help protect from scratches and UV rays.
Here are some of the pros and cons of having a full-color graphic rather than having solid base vinyl colors.

  • Still to this day solid non printed viynl colors will not fade as fast as a printed viynl.
  • Full color printed graphics are a little more costly to design and create out of 3m material.
  • The full color boat name is clearly more vivid and pleasing to the eye.
  • It is important to have someone design it corectly to compliment your boat and to stay away from high contrstd that could make the boat logo muddy and not visiable from a distance.
  • If part of a full color graphic some how gets damaged it is a bit more costly to repair.

Two color lettering in Black and white with a Full color Mermaid Graphic.


Reel Dreamin Boat nameThe best boat name graphic material to use is called 3M 180c Controltac viynl with a clear outdoor laminate. The boat Name Guy only uses the best quaility when doing boat names.








Sometimes we find ourselves to get too detailed with our boat names and it tends to get lost in the colors of our boats. Staying with just one color often does the trick and is much more visible from a distance.

The Boat name guy can help you with every aspect of the boat name process. From Boat name Ideas and design to printing and installing in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater area. Check out the Boat Name Form and see how the boat name guy can make getting a boat name a fun and easy process.

Joan Harrell


Buying A Boat Name On Ebay Buyers Guide, the Pros and Cons

Do your research before buying a boat name graphics on eBay!

You finally found the perfect name for your boat! Now you’re thinking this is the easy part. Your first thought is to get it done quick and cheap. The first thing most people will do is shoot right to eBay or Google and search for “boat lettering Design“. Before moving forward please read the pro’s and con’s

So what are the pros and cons of ordering an eBay Boat Name?

Let’s start with the pros:

  1. It is a quick and easy way to get a boat name on your boat if you know exactly what you want.
  2. There are many different styles to order from. At the very least will give you a good ides on what you want.
  3. Before ordering you can see if the seller has a reputation in what they do. You can tell by their feedback. But don’t be fooled as some feedback has nothing to do with their boat name sales.

Next, we move onto the cons:

  1. There are not many sellers that offer design with your boat name. Meaning you just get the boat lettering in a straight line. No curves or extra editing of the chosen font.
  2. No graphics or clipart to choose from unless you message the seller and they offer it for an extra charge.
  3. No proofs or little communication with the designer. They only take your information once and print it out without showing you what it will look like.
  4. Very little to choose from as far as color and font choices.

Basically it’s “buyer be aware”, when buying on eBay. You can see just by the dsign of the listing if they are professionals.

But before you do make sure you have the right information to give to the seller. Most sellers will give you different options. Some may not meet up to your needs if you want more than a one color boat name.

Here is a list of the most important information you should have before you even look for a graphics…

This list will help any designer have a better idea on what you want.

  1. The Boat Name? There are some out there that will help you think and dream up a name for your boat but this part should really be up to the owner. Besides, the
    What to name my boat?

    What to name my boat?

    captain is the one who will be calling the boats name to start up on that one cold morning. Come On “Betty Lou”, Start UP!!

  2. The Font Style? With over 32,000 font families and over a million fonts that are related, you sure do have your own work cut out for you! You can break this process down by picking a lettering family. For instance Ariel, Comic, Cursive, Script, Impact. And it also depends on the theme of the boat. Beach, Fishing, Sport, Island hopper, bar hopper. Most boat name designers can help you with this and may also have their own fonts that you can choose from.
  3. The Size? A good carpenter’s quote is to measure twice, cut once! In which is the same when asking a printer to print your graphics. You want to measure the right size so the name does not look too big or too small. The width from left to right and the height from top to bottom.
  4. The colors? Most boat names are one basic color with a shadow a color. When ordering on eBay you will see the different listings with different size and color options.
  5. Port Name or Hailing Name? Some eBay listings offer a free port name. The town or city you ship out from.
  6. Registration Numbers? The Boat Name Guy also includes Registration Numbers if needed for free with boat name purchase!

Some eBay sellers sell the design of your boat name in which they may require more information to proceed.  They may ask for a photograph of where the boat name will be placed so they can show you a better proof.

The Boat Name Guy decided to sell a little bit on eBay when he noticed that there was a need for it. The lack of design and proofs were needed to help make customers happy and enjoy their boat name for years to come.

You can find the Boat name Guy on ebay here! >> Boat*Name*Guy <<

Redoing the Boat Name Invictus Exactly How it was Before

Sometimes when I re-do a boat name the customer wants the same boat name with some small graphic changes. And Sometimes I’m asked to do a boat name exactly how it was before. The only reference I had with Invictus is a few photos of what it looked like before. invictus-reference-only

I tried to take a photo in the same angle the old photos were in. I took accurate measurements of the boat and transferred all the information to my design software



program, Corel Draw X8. I then took the new photo of the boat without the name and placed it under the old reference pictures. I then enlarged the photos to eight feet.


I found the font called “Algerian”, the same font that was used. I then placed the fonts over the photos to mockup as close as I could to the reference photos. I then took that and placed them over the real measurements I had to work with including the hatch door gaps and hinges and eclipsed the lettering along the curve of the railing. I was pretty confident that I had the same size I would just have to make sure when I installed the lettering that they were placed in the same way.gold-engine-turn

Next I wanted to be sure of the colors. By looking at the old photos, I saw them as an imitation gold and a red shadow outline. Although the customer and I did not think red was going to be a good color choice. We decided to go with a burgandy color. More like a light Merlot wine color to match better with the dark marine blue.

The two colors we went with was:

  •    Gold Turn Engine
  •     Burgundy


Once the material was ordered and delivered I went to work applying the graphics at the graphic studio. Each color was cut out in burgundy letters, then all the gold letters were cut out. I then placed the gold on each letter with application tape.

I scheduled the following day to install the graphics. It couldn’t have been a nicer day. It was one of Florida’s first cool fronts. Light wind, low humidity and highs only 78 degrees.

The owners were nice enough to have the hull fully cleaned before I arrived. I only had to make sure it was dust free with a micro fiber cleaning cloth.


I carefully placed the graphics where they laid before. I continued to look at the old pictures and placed them just right on the hull. I stood back many times just to make sure it was in the right spot.


The application paper was removed and the lettering adhered to the boat very nicely as if the boat was missing them. Next I applied the hailing name or some say Port name to the boat.


After I was finished applying the last letter I actually felt that this boat was happy again. A nice breeze came by and it felt like a new life. Also at the same time I finished the last letter a drip of water came out of the doors hatch handle and fell across the letter and on to my hand. Chills came over me… And although I felt stupid for telling the owners what just happened and how I felt. I felt compelled to tell them. They simply replied back with a smile like they knew too.

I never asked why the owners choose to keep the name or why they liked such a name. But after rereading the poem again since the last time I did in elementary school, it was understandable how this name is one of the best names to have for such a strong and majestic boat,


Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.



Boat Lettering Fonts Should Relate to Your Boat Name Theme

What Font to use makes or breaks the Boat Name!

It all depends on what your boat name is. If your boat name is “Wet Wind”, you probably don’t want to see the name in a block letter. But it sure would look good if the word wind was in a whispering font and the Wet word looked like the word was wet in the wind. That is why boat lettering fonts should relate to your boat name theme


So before I start proofing a boat name, I first go through some fonts that look good. I pick fonts that either looks wet or windy. Latter on I can make changes to each letter if need be. I throw in a couple of plain ones just to help with the visual of the name. Sometimes names get to fancy or are flooded with graphics and the name is hard to see from a distant. Or even as far as the dock.

I did a simple search in google and came across a font website that had the look I was thinking of. The font is called wet dream. With some changes to the font I made it look the way I wanted it. Also notice the opening in the “e”.

Wet Wind

So this would be the first proof I would send a customer that picked this name. It is sometimes overwhelming to see so many fonts and graphics. You may sometimes feel like you want to see it all. Maybe in the near future we will have motion graphics.

Another boat owner wanted to have the name Aqua Marie. The theme of this particular boat had to be about the owner’s daughter and a Disney character.








Every boat name that has been thought of usually comes with the work of picking the right boat lettering. Sometimes a font will scream your boat name and then you just know they were meant to be together. Out of a lineup of ten fonts the boat owner knew that font #1 was the right feel for his marine identity.


Picking the right boat lettering fonts for your boat is crucial. Some believe of just having their name in just a basic traditional font. Then later decide that there boat name had no spark.

When you have a graphic artist create your name it is important to explain exactly what you are looking for. The boat name guys form is a great place to start. Then leave the rest to a creative artist to do the rest.

There are some boat owners that make the mistake of ordering from those websites that the customer designs themselves. But always comes up short with a lack of options to change anything. You are basically stuck using only a few font selections and minimum of graphics. So if you need some boat lettering done to your boat be sure to have the Boat Name Guy help you!

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