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Full Color Boat Name Design, Printing and Install in the Tampabay Clearwater area

Some boat name lettering and graphics are requested to be in a full color. In other words you can see the fade of each color compared to just solid spot colors. It can be considered that three to four colors on a boat name logo could be declared as a full color if that’s all the color that is needed in your logo.

A four colored boat name like Sandy’s beach above was plotted out in separate colors. Then each color is installed on the boat separately until the boat name logo is achieved.

The technology for printing boat names has come a long way and today we are able to make full Color Prints last for years. The process is still done on vinyl. Large format printing machines can print on a white 3M vinyl. After printing the graphics, another large laminating machine laminates on top of it to help protect from scratches and UV rays.
Here are some of the pros and cons of having a full-color graphic rather than having solid base vinyl colors.

  • Still to this day solid non printed viynl colors will not fade as fast as a printed viynl.
  • Full color printed graphics are a little more costly to design and create out of 3m material.
  • The full color boat name is clearly more vivid and pleasing to the eye.
  • It is important to have someone design it corectly to compliment your boat and to stay away from high contrstd that could make the boat logo muddy and not visiable from a distance.
  • If part of a full color graphic some how gets damaged it is a bit more costly to repair.

Two color lettering in Black and white with a Full color Mermaid Graphic.


Reel Dreamin Boat nameThe best boat name graphic material to use is called 3M 180c Controltac viynl with a clear outdoor laminate. The boat Name Guy only uses the best quaility when doing boat names.








Sometimes we find ourselves to get too detailed with our boat names and it tends to get lost in the colors of our boats. Staying with just one color often does the trick and is much more visible from a distance.

The Boat name guy can help you with every aspect of the boat name process. From Boat name Ideas and design to printing and installing in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater area. Check out the Boat Name Form and see how the boat name guy can make getting a boat name a fun and easy process.

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Florida Registration Numbers in Design or bold block letters

I know what you’re thinking. You want a registration number to match your boat name like on the back of the transom! Or numbers that look like a Salt Life font.

Well it is a free world out there, so if you want to see your Florida registration numbers in a whispery font with skull bones, have at it!Crazy-Registration-Numbers


Just know the rules before you go out to sea. And when I say rules I mean the Florida’s boating laws, found in Ch. 327  and Ch. 328 , Florida Statutes. Also found at http://myfwc.com/boating/regulations/

The Registration number must be in the front part of the bow above the waterline. Letters must be a block Ariel font and at least 3” in height. The color should be in contrast of the hull

Registration Number placement

When you register your boat you will also need to put a validation decal on the port (Left) side of the vessel when using Florida waters. The Decal needs to be within 6” of either before or after the registration numbers. I like to put them before the numbers on the star board side and after on the port side. You have up to 30 days from purchase of the vessel to do this.


Letters must be separated from the numbers by a hyphen or space equal to letter width.

For Example: FL 5678 GR or FL-5678-GR


Dry Bag

Of course you must have your Certificate of Registration on board with all your other important documentation. This should be available for inspection by an enforcement officer whenever the boat is in operation. You should keep all your credentials preferably in dry storage or an Outdoors MASTER 20L Floating Waterproof Dry Bag.

Now with that being said do you think it would be okay to have your registration number any other way? Sure! We just need to be a little creative… We could do it in two colors and make the bold font a little fancy like this.

Registratin Number Design

Some insist on having the registration number designed radical and in theme of their boat.

Please note that an enforcement officer may over look this small crime. If at all they may just give you a warning. It is your call to wonder how many times you will come across law enforcement out on your journeys.

Where can I find my custom made registration numbers?

There are two ways

1. Have the boat Name Guy print them for you!

The Boat Name Guy will design and create 2-Custom Made Vinyl Graphics specially cut and spaced on two decals.

You will receive one pair of graphic numbers.

One for each side of your boat.
For one price! $25
Simply send me an email or text me your Registration Numbers and Your E-Mail address. I will send you a proof with no obligation to buy!

Will reply same day. Most of the time within minutes.

A Paypal Invoice will also be sent for when you decide to move forward.

Pick up or locally meet for free!

Or you can have it shipped for only $3 anywhere in the United States.

Same business day shipping!

2. Get the old fashion peel and stick numbers package!

This is a way to just get it done with. Buy a 3-Inch Boat & PWC Registration Number Kit. Comes with all the numbers and letters you need. The con about this is you have to put each number and letter up individually. Meaning you have to make sure it goes up straight. If you are good at DIY then this option could be fine.

Anyway you have your Florida Registration Numbers prepared just keep in mind that not only is it the law you also want to make sure you can be seen from a distance. In case you get stuck somewhere.


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