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Boat Name Phrases are as good as a Boat Name

A boat name does not necessarily have to be a familiar name. Boat name phrases of how life treats boat owners have become a lot more common.

Of course you can’t really cheer your boat up to go a little faster to outrun a threatening storm. “Common Life is Good, Go Faster”!  Well…Maybe?

Boat Name Phrase Life is Good

Life is Good Boat name phrase

Another boat phrase name, “Just Chillin Time”. Was not made to be called by name but to show others what they are attending to do out on the water. Being at an island relaxing sporting a boat name that states exactly what the boat owner has dreamed of doing. Other onlookers walk by on the beach and see what’s happening on the boat and then it all just makes sense.

Just Chillin Time

Just Chillin Time

Women names are still the most popular when naming a boat. This is probably because of the simplicity of the name. Another reason is the good fortune of a beautifully shaped boat should endure. One of the best reasons could be the ease of stating your boats name over a ham radio. To either say you are stuck out in the sea or to let ports and bridges know that you are entering the areas. This should be something to think about before naming your boat a phrase rather than a name that reminds you of what you engine is made of.

Now that most boats are used for recreational use it seems like it makes more sense to change the rules when naming your boat. After all it was your dream to have that boat. Why not show the true words that are thought of to make this boat dream possible?


If you are not at work anymore and you’re not going back… Why not state that pride on your boat? On top of that it makes a great conversational piece when you are out there with the millions of other happy boaters.

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